The primary power supply for the Opsis board is 12V DC.

The board can draw up to 2 Amp under extreme conditions but will normally draw significantly less.

TOFE expansion boards are also directly connected to this 12V supply which can increase the current requirements.


  • Minimum: 12V DC @ 2A (24 Watts)


There are two power supply connectors on the Opsis board.

Power Supply Diagram

Only one power supply connector should be used at once.

Barrel Connector


Labelled Con2
Inner Diameter 2.0mm
Outer Diameter 5.5mm
Inner Pin +12V
Outer Shield GND

Barrel Connector

PCIe 6-Pin Connector

Labelled C12V-2

PCIe 6-Pin Connector

There are a number of power connectors which look similar to the PCIe 6-Pin which are not compatible with the Opsis board.

PCIe 6-Pin Standard

PCIe 6-Pin Plug

Extra Details

The 12V supply is not used directly by the board, instead converted to the various voltages needed by the ICs.

There are numerous power converters on the board. These are highlighted in the following diagram;

  • The output of each supply is highlighted by the yellow area.

Power Converters